The Cells take place during the week, in various homes throughout Mayaguez, and in towns nearby.

From 9:15am to 10:30am and from 10:45am to 12noon at our facilities. Church Location: 1750 Sector Cuba - Mayaguez PR  00682  The Children, Youth and ‘Kurios’ Ministries meet during the Sunday Services.






The Vineyard Movement uses Partnerships as a strategy and instrument for Missions. The Partnerships are a group of churches that put together their efforts, finances and resources to expand the Kingdom of God in a Country. ‘La Viña de Mayaguez’ is part of two (2) Partnerships: The Puerto Rico Partnership and the Dominican Republic Partnership. The leader of the Puerto Rico Partnership is Dr. Rafael Maldonado, and the leader of the Dominican Republic Partnership is Pastor James Ciliberto 716-510-3905.