The Cells take place during the week, in various homes throughout Mayaguez, and in towns nearby.

From 9:15am to 10:30am and from 10:45am to 12noon at our facilities. Church Location: 1750 Sector Cuba - Mayaguez PR  00682  The Children, Youth and ‘Kurios’ Ministries meet during the Sunday Services.





Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission & Vision

To love God, to love our neighbors, and transform the world.


Our Values

We wish for God to be relevant in our lives, and in the lives of those who surround us.

We believe in the following:

Our essential value is to be in relationship with God. We want to reflect His character, follow His will, and to have an intimate relationship with Him, through his Son Jesus Christ.

Folks who do not know God yet are of great importance to Him and to us at ‘La Viña de Mayaguez’ Church.  Our goal is for those folks who do not know God yet, that they do get to know Him. We provide a safe atmosphere where people can be respected and loved while they learn about the Christian faith.

The word of God is preached and taught in a practical and relevant way.

Personal relationships based on love, deepness and intimacy are an important part of the life of the church.

The Cells (Small Groups) are the best tool, so the community of believers can function biblically and that each member of the ‘La Viña de Mayaguez’ Church can be taught in a direct and effective way.

Our kids and our youth are a gift from God. Our mission is to teach them to follow Jesus, while having fun and while they serve God and learn how to love Christ and His church.  We will invest resources in them.

The Church operates as a unified serving community, with people full of the Holy Spirit, while they administer their Spiritual Gifts and respond to God’s calling.

God has asked us to be instruments of liberation, to provide help to the poor and to the needy in our community. 

The family is the most intimate circle of the community. We want the church to be a safe place, where the families can be nourished and where they can serve one another.