The Cells take place during the week, in various homes throughout Mayaguez, and in towns nearby.

From 9:15am to 10:30am and from 10:45am to 12noon at our facilities. Church Location: 1750 Sector Cuba - Mayaguez PR  00682  The Children, Youth and ‘Kurios’ Ministries meet during the Sunday Services.





History of ‘La Viña de Mayaguez’ Church


          Our story began in February of 1997, when Pastors Marvin and Cuchy Suarez, along with their two kids, started attending the Vineyard of the Rockies in Fort Collins, Colorado. From June of 1996 to June of 1999, Pastor Marvin attended Denver Seminary, in Denver Colorado, while Pastor Cuchy worked for a company in Fort Collins. The Vineyard of the Rockies opened their arms to The Suarez’ family, and loved them and guided their steps for three years, culminating with the planting of the ‘La Viña de Mayaguez’ Church.

          Pastors Marvin and Cuchy both felt a tremendous affinity to the philosophies and the ministry style of the Vineyard of the Rockies, but that didn’t necessarily mean they would plant a Vineyard Church when they returned to Puerto Rico. It wasn’t until July of 1998, during a Compassion Ministry Conference, in Anaheim California, when Pastor Marvin heard God’s voice, saying that when they returned home, that they needed to be part of planting a Vineyard church in Puerto Rico. They started planting the church in 1999, and it became Pastors Marvin and Cuchy Suarez’ passion.

          The church officially opened on Tuesday February 1st of 2000, with the first Cell meeting taking place at 10am on that date. At that time, ‘La Viña de Mayaguez’ Church had 20 adults and 5 kids, which were assigned to three cells, on Tuesday mornings, and on Wednesday and Friday evenings. To begin, Sunday service was held in the carport of Pastors Marvin & Pastor Cuchy’s house.

          In June of 2001 we started a new stage at ‘La Viña de Mayaguez’ Church, when we purchased 5 acres of land. That is where we are still located today. Our Sunday services started at the new location in January of 2002, at 1750 Sector Cuba, Mayaguez PR 00682.

          ‘La Viña de Mayaguez’ Church have become a safe place for many people, who have been able to find God like they had never found Him before. There is little doubt that God has blessed us and prospered our Church. We know that He has many more challenges for us.



Pastors Marvin & Cuchy Suarez

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